A crazed amalgamation of branch and steel to create a 3 string, superhumbuckered, slide machine.


No-one...  NO  ONE .   ...else will ever have one of these!  This instrument is totally unique and unrepeatable.


Does it play?  YES, of course.  Slide only, with limited sustain as you would expect given the totally off the wall construction method (tuning is useable but, you know, don't rely on it for a whole set!!) BUT whack some fuzz, or a ton of 'verb and it sounds as mean as it looks.



Neck - A branch - wood unknown

Fingerboard - reclaimed steel found in the North sea

Body - The same branch, more steel

Pickup - A big, mean 70s humbucker

Strings - 3, tuned A D A

Tuners - Reclaimed

Frets - No

Controls - No, wired straight to output


Flying Tree!!!