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I would like to buy one of your amazingly beautiful instruments please...How can I do that?

Email impure guitars directly at info@impureguitars.com                     

Payment can be via credit card or bank transfer.

You don't seem to have EXACTLY what I'm after...what to do?

No problem.  Get in touch to discuss your exact needs and we will work something out! 

Who is behind Impure Guitars?

Impure Guitars is the work of Stuart Carter.  Me in fact.  I started playing guitar at 7 and never stopped.  After a few (i.e. far too many) years of doing "real" jobs I decided to become a pro musician, which, ups and downs aside, worked out OK!  Eventually though I started to tire of the gigging lifestyle, lack of sleep, constant travel, bad food, band relationships/politics and everything else that we cope with for that 50 minutes on stage.  I needed to find something else that I loved doing....and building guitars was my other obsession. 
I remember dismantling my 2nd ever electric guitar at the age of 9....It was a wine red Hondo II Les Paul made of highest grade 1970s ply.  A couple of instruments in and I was swapping pickups, rewiring, respraying in candy paint, fitting locking trems and all sorts of other abuse to perfectly good instruments (this WAS the 1980s!).  From setting up and modifying my instruments to my own specification I started to build a few.
Fast forward a lot of years and countless miles in a tour van, a move to Dorset allowed me the opportunity to set up a proper workshop and pursue instrument building full time. I could then indulge my natural urge to experiment and push what was acceptable and make the range of unusual and unique instruments you see here.

What's the idea behind impure guitars?

As I musician I make music that I want to hear.....usually because it doesn't already exist.  I try and take the same approach to building guitars.  I can't compete with mass produced CNC poly coated guitars that dominate the guitar shops, so I decided make unique, unusual, unexpected guitars (and guitar like instruments) ranging from quirky to downright wrong, from cool to bizarre and from head-turning to stomach-turning!  

I like using reclaimed timber, unusual materials, unusual construction methods  and keeping an open mind.  But I love old guitars so there is always a vintage flavour to my creations.

Each instrument is expertly set up and fine tuned to make a wonderfully playable guitar.

When I try out a new guitar in a shop it is invariably the instruments that inspire something new - a new riff or idea for example or that makes me play in a way I don't usually play - that I end up buying.  I tried to do the same with all my Impure Guitars instruments.  They are made to inspire creativity and originality. 

Can a test drive these things then?

Stock instruments can be returned if they are not your cup of beverage of choice.  Furthermore, I'll do my damnedest to make whatever changes, additions, omissions, revisions and fine tunings you need to truly love your IMPURE instrument.  I want you to be happy.  

Do you offer a lifetime guarantee on your instruments?


Any fault arising other than expected wear and tear will be fixed F.O.C for life (my life, IMPURE GUITARS life, or your life, whichever shortest!).  All you have to do is cover postage costs.  ​

I really don't like what you do and have an overwhelmung urge to tell you.  What should I do?

We are not the source of your problems.  Maybe go for a nice walk, try to think about a place where you were truly happy (have you EVER been happy?). Think about WHY you need to share your anger.  Do you charge into your local H&M and shout at the staff that you hate this f@£*#ing T Shirt?  Breath in, 2, 3, 4....hold 2, 3, 4....and blow out the candles.  Feel better?.......